An unholy power in the hands of a religious fanatic!

Thomas Griffin has heard the legends about Strangeways Federal Penitentiary -- tall tales and whispered rumors.

Ghost stories.

Now a guard has died, and the FBI agent is summoned to the century-old prison to investigate.

Inside the massive stone walls, Griffin finds a madhouse. Inmates with more influence than their warders. Guards who break the law in service of greed and envy. And the greatest threat -- not just to body, but to soul -- the disciples of an ancient, blood-thirsty god.


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Well, this is a first…

This is the first blog post I’ve ever written. It happens to be on the first webpage I’ve ever built. And it’s all because I’m proud of Strangeways, the first novel I’ve ever published.

And let me stress the “I’ve published” portion of that sentence…

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